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How a blind girl sees the world. Very cute video.

How precious c:

reblogging again because wow cutie

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Some adorable Bravely drawings! Tiz and Ringabel have never looked so chibilicious.

"BRAVELY DEFAULT" - NatuoHarumura


On my way to work as a catgirl XD

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the pair of underwear i had signed by the cast of Supernatural and the responses it elicited from each of them:

Jensen: “what brand are these? i’m not familiar. not that i should be familiar with ladies’ underwear, but that’s probably best.”

Matt: “i feel like i need to make an announcement.” 

Misha: “thank you so much for this golden opportunity.”

Sebastian: “these are quite sexy! i rather like them plain like this. are you going to be wearing them later?”

Mark: “you’re bloody joking. well go on, hold these while i sign the ass. this is my space.”

Jared: *30 seconds of unrestrained giggling*

Omg misha.

I love how much this post says about their personalities.

Oh my god.